Denison University

Denison Teaching - Olga Nicoara 2014-2015

Denison University, Granville, OH.

My Courses at Denison University (2014 – present):

ECON 102, Introductory Microeconomics (Spring 2016)

ECON 440, Entrepreneurship&Public Policy (Formal Course Evaluations)

ECON 101-07, Principles of Macroeconomics (Formal Course Evaluations)

ECON 101-06, Principles of Macroeconomics (Formal Course Evaluations)

ECON 240, Economies in Transition (Formal Course Evaluations)


I joined the Denison faculty in August, 2014, after completing my PhD in economics at George Mason University in Washington, D.C. At Denison, I teach core courses in introductory economics, and elective courses in the economics of transition, and entrepreneurship and public policy. I love the liberal arts environment at Denison because it provides students and faculty with a community within which they build long-lasting relationships, and develop friendships with others from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicities, and personal goals. What I most value Denison University is the freedom it allows me to develop new courses, pedagogical methods, and collaborations that best benefit my students. I am currently supervising one of my students in a research project investigating the institutional antecedents for productive opportunity discovery and social cooperation in the United States.

I serve as a faculty member in the Philosophy Politics and Economics (PPE) program at Denison, and I am a firm believer that interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and research are key in advancing the goals of a liberal arts education. I am also advising the Denison Economics Club, helping the students organize social events and a Speaker Series designed to facilitate opportunities for the Denison students to compare and contrast theory and practice, and allow them to engage intellectually and collaborate with scholars, entrepreneurs, and local community leaders.